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How to Import Contacts from Palm Desktop or Macintosh Address Book Applications

This article discusses how to import contacts from Palm Desktop or Macintosh Address Book Applications using the new vCard importer in Contact Hero.

Palm Desktop

Open Palm Desktop and select all your contacts. Then choose "Export vCard..." from the File menu.

Macintosh Address Book App

Open the Macintosh Address Book and select all your contacts. Then choose "Export Group vCard..." by control-clicking (or right clicking) over the All group.

Importing to ContactHero

If you are just starting with Contact Hero, you should see a notice to import some contacts when you log in. If not, or if you have already created some contacts, you can access the importer at anytime from either Your Account page or the right hand side of the Contacts list. Click on Import Contacts.

Choose option #2 and select your file of vCards. Click the Import vCards button.

You will now be returned to the main contact screen with a message "vCard Import In Progress. Depending on the size of the file this may take a few minutes..."

Wait a moment, then refresh the browser window to see your contacts. We are continuing to work on making this process better, so please contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.

Better Importing and Export

  • Now you can easily merge all your email accounts into ContactHero. Import Contacts will no longer create duplicates if it finds the same contact on more than 1 service. Also when you import contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, etc. they are auto tagged Yahoo, Gmail, etc. respectively. This allows you to see where your imported contacts came from, and if any contacts are shared between more than 1 service. For example, a contact that was imported and merged from Yahoo and Gmail would have both tags.
  • Now you can export and backup your contacts at anytime to CVS, XML, or vCards. Try this feature from your account screen.
  • Some cosmetic changes and rearrangements to the UI for contacts and editing contacts to clean up and make things more clear
  • Minor fixes and tweaks requested by users

Launcher application for Blackberry Users

Now you can access ContactHero more easily from your Blackberry with this simple application that adds an icon to the launcher.

To install over the air, direct your Blackberry browser to Requires Blackberry OS 4.0 or higher. Enjoy!

Using Contacts in 3 Minutes

Here is a quick 3 minute run through of the basic features of working with a contact. There is no soundtrack. I am working on a better screen cast, but in the meantime you might find this useful to get started.

Download QuickTime version, (3 min 12 secs, 5.6 MB)

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