ContactHero for iPhone: the power to track calls and clients so no business opportunity falls through the cracks

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ContactHero is an integrated online and mobile contact manager and address book designed to help you keep in better contact; and organize the contacts, prospects and customers in your life. It is ideal for sales people, consultants, mobile professionals, and anyone on the go!

New! Version 2 is completely re-written from the ground up for iOS 7.

  • Improve your follow through leading to more sales and business
  • Plan who you need to call, and keep a detailed Contact History of calls made for each contact and what was said.
  • Attach multiple timestamped notes to each contact.
  • Works with the address book already on your phone.
  • Adds additional fields and flags to contacts to organize them.
  • Color code contacts (by personality type)
  • Cloud based: access your contacts and lists of calls to make from anywhere including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or any web browser. Cloud sync with push notifications is available for in app purchase.
  • Transfer and share your contacts between the iPhone and

iPhone Screenshots

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